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2019 Women's Soccer Signs 11 During Early Signing Period

2019 Women's Soccer Signs 11 During Early Signing Period

Women’s Soccer Signs 11 During Early Signing Period


PENDLETON, Ore. –  Coach Hillmick is looking to sign a large recruiting class for women’s soccer in 2019 and is well on his way signing 11 players from 5 states. These players are a diverse group of positions and experience that all will bring a lot to the future of BMCC Women’s Soccer. “I am truly excited to see what these girls are able to accomplish this next year as we continue to raise the bar and expectations of women’s soccer. I want to give this community something to rally behind and have these young ladies be role models for those in the community. All of these girls are amazing players and I am so excited for them to join this family.” said Coach Hillmick.


Milly Suarez • Vancouver, WA • Evergreen HS • Forward

Suarez comes to BMCC from Evergreen HS in Vancouver, WA where she led her team in the attack and contributed many goals to the team. She will look to add a scoring threat to the Timberwolves this next season. Suarez also plays for club team Pacific FC.

Hillmick: “Milly is an exciting player to watch as she is composed, calm, and knows what to do with the ball when she gets it. She is one of the first players I saw play upon being hired and knew I wanted to bring her to the team in 2019.”




Sammy Parker • Pendleton, OR • Pendleton HS • Defender

Parker did not have to travel far to sign to play in college. She will join BMCC for 2019 from Pendleton, OR. A staple in the Pendleton defense, Sammy helped Pendleton organize the back line as well as make her presence known for winning every ball and being aggressive to push her team forward.

Hillmick: “I have known the Parker family for years as I have lived in Pendleton and I have always been impressed with Sammy’s ability to play soccer as well as be an aggressive defender. I have seen her sacrifice herself to make a stop or save and I am excited for what she will do for us.”



Megan Burchard • Pendleton, OR • Pendleton HS • Midfield

Burchard is a Pendleton, OR local as well and will stay in her hometown to continue her soccer career. Megan has the ability to do great things and will be a very positive player to have on the roster.

Hillmick: “I have seen Megan become a solid player over the years. She is not afraid to go after any ball and play with the best of them. I am excited to see her compete with our midfielders on the roster.”






Josie Gohl • Yakima, WA • West Valley HS • Defender

Gohl comes to BMCC from Yakima, WA and is a speedy defender who is willing to do what it takes to protect the net. She has the ability to win any ball she wants while working to ensure the best outcome for her team.

Hillmick: “I have seen Josie play a couple times and each time I have been impressed with what she can do. I know she will fit right into the defenders and be able to compete. We look forward to watching her in 2019.”








Cheyenne Saul • La Pine, OR • La Pine HS • Forward/Defender

Saul is joining BMCC women’s soccer from La Pine, OR. She has the composure and desire to do amazing things and with a strong work ethic.

Hillmick: “Cheyenne is going to do great things at BMCC and we are thrilled to have her join our team. With her positive attitude and strong work ethic she will help lay the foundation for the future of the program and know she will do a great job.”




Karla Ishii • Hilo, HI • Hilo HS • Defender

Ishii comes the farthest away of the 2019 recruits as she travels to BMCC from Hilo, HI. A top notch defender who will protect her goal by using speed and physicality. Ishii communicates with her teammates and looks to help the back line for the Timberwolves.

Hillmick: “Karla was someone who I was talking with for quite a while. Her skills and abilities will allow her to compete with our backline and push us forward quickly.”



Zoe Glenn • Livingston, MT • Park HS • Goalkeeper/Defender

Glenn is a strong goalkeeper with work ethic to become great. A solid player for Park HS will have her traveling to become a part of the goalkeeping team at BMCC.

Hillmick: “I am excited to see what Zoe can do for us in the net. A position I know has a lot of pressure but I am sure she will do great for us next year and will accomplish a lot for us.”






McKell Wilson • Missoula, MT • Hellgate HS • Midfield/Forward

Wilson comes to BMCC from Missoula, MT to add an attacking winger to the women’s soccer team that will be exciting to watch. A player that has helped lead her team at Hellgate HS she is excited to bring her skills and speed to BMCC in 2019.

Hillmick: “McKell is a fast winger that will give us a lot of options going forward. She adds a piece to our attack that we did not have last year and I know she is going to do amazing things for us.”


Hannah Beebe • Oregon City, OR • Oregon City HS • Defender

Beebe comes to Blue Mountain Community College to make her mark on the women’s soccer team in 2019 from Oregon City. She will look to hold down the back line. Already on her resume is being a member of one of the best clubs in the state.

Hillmick: “Hannah is a player I am looking to get us out of the back quickly and effectively. She has a bright positive personality but is a competitor and wants to win. I am excited to see what she all she will do at BMCC.”





Isabelle Soto • Caldwell, ID • Ridgevue HS • Forward

Soto travels just down the road to start her college career at BMCC from Caldwell, ID. She will be looking to start the attack for the Timberwolves. A lightning fast, technical player who is exciting to watch.

Hillmick: “Izzy is super exciting to watch and I am very happy to have her join us. One of the nicest girls you’ll meet but wants to win and has a desire to do the best she can for her team. Very intelligent player with great touch and I’m excited to watch her play.”



Hailey Reynolds • Spokane, WA • University HS • Forward

Reynolds joins the Timberwolves soccer team from Spokane, WA. From Spokane Rush, she is looking to make her mark and score goals for BMCC.

Hillmick: “I saw Hailey play in Portland in the bitter cold of December and she did not care it was cold one bit, she fought for every ball, never stopped hustling and working and had several physical plays to give her team the best shot in every contest. I knew Hailey would fit our program and do amazing for this team next season and I am so excited to see what she will do.”







 The women's soccer team will begin their season on August 1st, 2019. For more information on schedules and announcements be sure to follow the social media pages and



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